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Our Story


Preferred Fresh Cuts is a proud subsidiary of Van Eerden Foodservice, a fourth-generation, family owned broadline distributor in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 


In 2017, Preferred Fresh Cuts and Simon & Leeman merged operations to provide customers with an unparalleled produce experience. They combined their industry-leading reputation, technology, purchasing power and food safety certifications to deliver the highest quality, personalized service. 


In 2023, we moved into our new 25,000 square foot processing and distribution facility in the heart of downtown Detroit. We made strategic renovations and invested in state-of-the-art processing equipment to increase efficiency, consistency and  throughput. 


  • Order minimum: $200/delivery

  • 6 days/week to Southeast Michigan, Central Michigan and Northern Ohio 

  • 5 days/week to Grand Rapids and Van Eerden Foodservice 

  • 3 Days/week to Jackson, Battle Creek & Saginaw

  • Online orders must be placed by 10pm & call-in orders by 8pm


Food Safety

At Preferred Fresh Cuts, Food Safety is our top priority and we remain committed to the highest food safety standards. As such, we are an SQF Certified Facility.

SQF Certified Logo

Pro*Act Partnership

Pro Act Logo

Established in 1991, PRO*ACT is North America’s leading distributor of fresh produce, sourcing from premier national, regional and local farmers. Van Eerden Foodservice is a proud founding member of PRO*ACT. Today, Pro*Act is comprised of more than 50 members, with 71 distribution centers, 3.5 million square feet of warehouse space, 2,000 trucks and 2.6 million miles of nationwide distribution. This collective power enables Pro*Act to simplify & streamline the challenging fresh food category.

How Pro*Act Benefits our Customers: 

  • Reliable sourcing with direct-grower programs 

  • Access to the highest quality & specialty produce 

  • Access to best-in-class produce market knowledge 

  • Unmatched food safety standards

  • Sustainability initiatives 

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